HairCube is a non-toxic patented formula created with natural ingredients. It uses the new generation of microfiber technology to triple your hair supply by 3. It is the only product on the market that thickens your actual hair rather than just covering up your scalp, which causes more hair loss. The more you brush HairCube, The thicker your natural hair becomes, Covering up thinning, fine or balding areas as well as cowlick. Our product does not damage your hair and does not make your hair feel hard like other products on the market. It looks and feels natural.
  • Available in 11 shades to match your natural hair
  • Each bottle lasts between 2 to 5 months – less than $1 a day!
  • Water and Sweat Resistant; Rain, Wind & Perspiration PROOF!
  • 30 day money back guarantee - No Risk Trial!
  • Can be used with other hair loss medications & styling products
  • Safe for ALL thinning hair types & styles
  • Hair fibers create thicker, fuller looking hair in 30 seconds
  • Ideal for MOST hair types and protects your scalp and hair
  • Easily washes out with any shampoo
  • HairCubed works for men and women!
  • Brush your natural hair after use and any other time to see results
  • Made with organic ingredients; does not contain ammonia or aluminum
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How to use HairCube Micro Fiber?

3 easy steps:
1. Shake can well- spraying a small mist of fiber into the thinning hair.

2.Brush in areas where there is still existion hair, brush for 30 seconds. (Brushing is the key to enhancing the fibers)

3. Spray a small mist of Sealer&Control to add another layer making the areas more resistant and adding a shine.

Is there a way to receive a discount when buying HairCube?

With our Automatic Shipment Plan, you can save both time and money. There is no obligation and you can cancel anytime. Call our toll-free number for further details.

Does HairCube affect hair growth?
No, "HairCube is guaranteed not to harm your hair, or slow or impede normal hair growth. It is equally effective for both men and women, and stays put until you shampoo it away! Water or moisture alone will not harm it, remove it, or wash it off even while showering, getting caught in the rain, sweating at the gym, or swimming in the pool or at the beach!" DR. Alan W. H.


Can HairCube be used to cover white growing roots?
Yes, HairCube is perfect for covering white hair, simply shake the can well and spray on to the white root area, then brush for atleast 30 seconds.

If I have brown hair with subtle blonde highlights, is HairCube for me?
YES, apply HairCube (roots color) on to the roots of your thinning area and brush your hair with a wide comb, and with the HairCube sealer and control, Itwill perfectly blend with your hair and will preserve your subtle highlights.

When do you apply Hair Cube if you use a styling gel or like to flat iron your hair or can you?
The best way to use the HairCube is to use it on clean hair.
1. Shampoo hair and allow to dry completely.
2. spray thickener across the base of the thinning hair, Brush your hair until sufficient coverage is achieved
3. let it dry then apply the HairCube sealer and control and let it dry again.
Now you can style your hair with any other product like styling gel, moose, wax...
About the flat iron; it's best to use the HairCube after you flat iron your hair., but nothing will happened if you use it before as well.


Can you use other products with HairCube?
YES ,You can. After using HairCube, feel free to use any products you like. it's Recommended by doctors and Compatible to use with other hair loss medication and styling products.

What The HairCube sealer and control does?
HairCube Sealer & Control has been specially formulated to be used after applying the HairCube spray, to hold and seal the Thickener in place to give your hair that fuller natural look.

I am an existing customer who loves HairCube. How can I sign up for the Automatic Shipment Plan?
please Go : Automatic Monthly Shipping Plan

How is HairCube packaged
All orders are shipped in discreet packaging that contains no obvious marking as to its contents.

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