Over 300 videos proof why HairCubed Organic Micro Hair Fibers is The Best solution for Thinning hair, Fine hair, Bald spots began as well as cowlick and hair loss.
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“YES! HairCubed ® is a unique new concoction of micro-fibers "hairs" that triple your hair supply by 3 (WaterProof). The only product on the market that thickens your actual hair, It looks and feels natural! ”

NOMINATED for 'Best Hair Loss solution'
U.S.A. patented natural formula for thinning hair. 
Hair Cubed ® Micro Hair Fibers Technology 

HairCubed® formula is Doctor Recommended for a non-toxic cosmetic solution for Thinning hair, Fine hair, Bald spots began, Hair loss as well as cowlick. created with natural ingredients. It uses the new generation of micro-fibers water proof technology. The more you brush HairCubed, The thicker your natural hair becomes, Covering up thinning, fine or balding areas. Hair Cubed micro-fibers is Safe to use, Does Not block hair follical, does not damage your hair and does not make your hair feel hard like other products on the market. It is the only product on the market that thickens your actual hair rather than just covering up your scalp, which causes more hair loss. Hair Cubed looks and feels natural.

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* HairCubed Microfiber Hair Thickener Spray, A Secret to Natural Looking, Fuller Hair

Hair is a big part of our identity. But unfortunately, some people are born with naturally thin hair while others experience hair fall due to many reasons, including genetics, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, and environmental factors. Everyone looks for a way out to make their hair fuller and thicker. Sadly, there is no magical pill to achieve that. A quick Google search will flood thousands of cheap to expensive treatments.

The hair care products like oils, serums, and creams benefit the hair but require a lot of patience to see some visible results. On the other hand, the surgical treatments, are heavy on the pocket and come with disadvantages like post-treatment swelling or discomfort. So we are here to tell you about an affordable and instant solution to camouflage hair loss. It is the HairCubed Microfiber Hair Thickener Spray. Read on to know what it is and how it works. 

Achieving thicker, fuller hair is not just about using the right products like HairCubed Microfiber Hair Thickener Spray, but also understanding the science behind hair loss and adopting a holistic approach. Incorporating hair growth superfoods into your diet and using the right oils for hair health and growth can make a significant difference. Proper scalp care is essential, and managing your stress levels can help prevent hair loss. Try these DIY hair masks for thicker hair to improve your hair's health and use effective strategies to combat thinning hair. Lastly, choose a haircut that complements your hair type and face shape to make the most of your natural hair texture. Attaining denser, more voluminous hair involves not only utilizing appropriate products like HairCubed Microfiber Hair Thickener Spray but also comprehending the science of hair loss and aging and adopting a comprehensive approach. Integrating hair growth superfoods into your daily meals and utilizing the correct oils for hair health and growth can have a significant impact. Ensuring proper scalp care is crucial, and controlling your stress levels since aspects such as hormones and sleep can vastly influence your hair's condition. Additionally, residing in areas with high pollution concentrations can adversely affect your hair. Utilize effective hair growth shampooshair growth pills, and hair growth serums to enhance your hair's well-being and tackle thinning hair. Finally, opt for a hairstyle that suits your hair type and facial structure to maximize your natural hair texture. Consider adding nourishing hair growth oils to your hair care regimen for additional advantages. If you're searching for more information on hair care and hair loss solutions, explore hair extensions vs hair fibers, and learn about the hairstyles that work best with hair fibers. Discover useful haircare tips for gray hair, tackle the issue of scalp inflammation and hair loss, and understand the connection between obesity and hair loss. Additionally, learn about the role of caffeine in hair growth, managing split ends and hair loss, and addressing hair loss and regrowth during menopause. For those dealing with scalp psoriasis, find suitable haircare products for managing this condition.


Are you tired of searching for the perfect solution to your thinning hair? Look no further! HairCubed offers a variety of hair thickening techniques that can help you achieve the full, voluminous hair you've always desired. Our HairCubed Microfiber Hair Thickener Spray is just one of many solutions we provide to help you regain confidence in your appearance. By exploring our website, you'll find a wealth of information on how to improve the look and feel of your hair, as well as expert tips on maintaining a healthy haircare routine. Don't let thinning hair hold you back any longer – discover the perfect hair thickening solution for you at HairCubed today!

* What is HairCubed Microfiber Hair Thickener Spray?

The microfibers in HairCubed Hair Thickener Spray are the magical fibers that provide a natural solution and instantly eliminate the appearance of baldness and thinning hair for both men and women. It is a non-toxic formula created with all-natural and organic ingredients. The microfibers are charged with static electricity, enabling them to adhere to existing hair strands. As a result, they blend so naturally that nobody can notice that your natural hair is not thick and full.

* How does HairCubed Microfiber help to Cover Hair Loss?

The microfibers in hair thickener spray are positively charged, while your natural hair has a negative charge. The fibers get attached to the hair surface due to opposite charges. This helps to cover the hair loss and the thinning spots.

The microfibers are created with natural and organic ingredients that amalgamate with natural hair and provide a very natural finish. It helps to thicken hair in wide partings with scattered hair loss. The tiny microfibers fuse with existing hair texture and color while covering the hair loss.

* Benefits of Using HairCubed Microfiber Hair Thickener Spray

  • Easy to UseIt is super easy to use HairCubed Microfiber hair thickener spray. It takes less than a minute to cover the hair loss. The positively charged fibers instantly get attached to the hair surface and provide a natural density on the scalp. The spray bottle is easy to carry with a fine pump that disperses microfibers evenly on the scalp.

  • Best Hair Fibers

The microfibers in Cubed Hair Thickener Spray are made with natural and organic components that are safe for you and the environment. They do not harm or weaken your natural hair. In addition, the product is 100% cruelty-free. The company is forever against animal testing. HairCubed is the ideal product to thick your hair.

  • Affordable Bald Spot Solution

If you compare the microfiber hair thickener with other hair loss solutions, you will find the microfiber spray a much more affordable bald spot cover-up. However, the medication and topical treatments require a lot of money and patience.

  • 100% Safe

The hair thickener spray is made with all-natural ingredients, and it does not cause any adverse effects on your natural hair and scalp. It is 100% safe, free from harmful chemicals, does not dry your scalp or hair, and does not clog pores.

  • Water & Sweat Resistant

The bond between microfibers and your natural hair stays all day. This waterproof product is resistant to rain, wind, perspiration, and other climate changes. You can also use the HairCubed Sealer and Control Spray over the hair thickener to further strengthen the bond between microfibers and the hair.

* How to Use HairCubed Microfiber Hair Thickener Spray

  • Spray it On Dry Hair to Make Your Hair Look Thick

The microfibers hold onto hair due to opposite charges. So to make your hair look thick, spray the product on dry hair. On the other hand, the microfibers get lumpy when applied to wet hair.

If you use a hair styling gel, apply the gel first, then the microfiber spray. Finally, allow the gel to dry completely because it becomes difficult for microfibers to adhere to your hair when there is a gel in your hair.

  • Select the Right Shade

The HairCubed Microfiber Hair Thickener Spray comes in a variety of 11 shades. Choose the one that fits your natural hair color. To achieve the best appearance, you can mix the two shades like if you have dark blonde hair color, mix the blonde shade with dark brown. Spray the darker shade first, then the light one to get the fantastic-looking thicker hair.

  • Spray the Right Amount

Spraying the right amount is necessary to get a natural look. However, knowing the right amount requires experience, practice, and patience. Therefore, it is best to start with less and then experiment with the heavier concentration. You can also use the ionic energy brush because brushing the micro-fibers will create the desired fullness and thickness. In addition, it stimulates the fibers and enhances thin hair.

  • Apply HairCubed Sealer & Control Spray

The sealer and control spray act as a holding spray. It helps the microfibers to remain attached to your natural hair and scalp. The natural and organic ingredients are used in the sealer and control spray, making it safe to use. In addition, it adds a beautiful shine to your hair. 

* How Long the Microfibers Last in Your Hair?

The HairCubed Microfiber Hair Thickener Spray provides an instant solution to achieving thicker and fuller hair. But the microfibers are not permanent. Instead, they stay in your hair until you shampoo your hair.

* Who Can Use The Hair Thickener Spray?

Anyone with thin hair and exposed scalp can use the hair thickener spray. Whether you have straight or curly hair, have mild or moderate hair loss, want to add more body to your hair, or are interested in covering the color difference, the microfibers are ideal for getting back the confidence associated with having fuller and thicker hair.

* Do Microfibers Last a Night in Your Hair?

Yes, if you don't find time to spray the hair thickener in the morning, you can apply it at night. You won't even need the touchups the following day unless you use shampoo on your hair.

* Do the Microfibers Stains Your Clothes or the Pillow Cases?

No, the microfibers get attached to your natural hair so strong, and there are chances of getting them on pillow covers or the clothing.

* Are There Any Side Effects?

The microfibers do not interfere with the growth of your natural hair. They are made of 100% natural, organic and non-toxic ingredients that are safe for your hair and scalp. When sprayed to dry hair, they adhere to the individual hair strands without clogging the dermal layer of your scalp. The premium-grade microfibers are used in HairCubed Hair Thickener Spray that is safe for your scalp and hair. In addition, it is free from ammonium chloride, a cheap hair-thickening product that causes potential skin damage.

* Safe for the Environment

The natural and organic ingredients are used to formulate the HairCubed Microfiber hair thickener spray. Therefore, there is no risk of environmental toxicity with the usage of this product.

* Cruelty-Free

We love nature and living beings, so we do not test our products on animals. We are passionate about maintaining the quality of our product and believe the bald spot solution should be free of animal testing.

* Is it Brush Friendly?

The more you brush the microfibers, the thicker your natural hair becomes, covering the thin, fine, and balding areas. It is best to use the Ionic brush because it is specially designed to stimulate the microfibers and create the desired thickness and fullness.

* The Bottom Line

The HairCubed Microfiber Hair Thickener Spray effectively camouflages thin hair, bald patches, and less volume. It is easy to use and safe for your scalp and hair. Make sure you choose the right shade of hair thickener for a seamless blend. Also, don't forget to follow a proper hair care regimen to nourish your hair naturally. Get your Microfiber Hair Thickener today to enjoy the natural-looking, fuller, thicker hair you dream for!

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